About Us

Burra Tyres was establised in June 2006. We are a small family business with 4 employees. We pride ourselves in the service we provide. 

We sell tyres, rims, batteries, gas cyclinders and tubes. We also provide a tyre service including fitting, balancing, rotation, call out and repairs.

We are situated at 7 Market St., Burra SA 5417.
Mon - Fri: 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Sat: 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM
History of Burra: 
Burra’s Redruth Gaol, was the first built outside Adelaide. It housed some thirty prisoners, of both genders, and later became a girls reformatory. Extracts from the Doctors journal are contained in the gaol, with ailments such as “unable to walk to Adelaide” and “silly, a little” or “venereal eruption” leaving much to the imagination. Medicine seems to have come a long way!

It’s hard to imagine Burra as it was in the copper mining era, let alone before it… before the trees were stripped from the hills, to feed the furnaces of the now demolished smelting works. A time when the Ngadjuri people wandered freely through this same pristine location.

Home for the world famous ‘Monster Mine’… Burra, what a town!  Burra’s Market Square looks so much part of the 19th Century that it features in the film Breaker Morant.  Crowds of Cornish miners no longer sprawl out of the pub for fist fights and wrestling bouts; instead it is a relaxed, quiet and historic place for a getaway
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